“2CR Snc” was born in 2004 thanks to Cappa brothers’ desire of putting into action their ideas and their creativity in the construction trade.

The fusion between Claudio’s business spirit and the aptitude for building and restore buildings of Emanuele has allowed the creation of an enterprise made by people that has faith in what they realize.

The most important satisfaction for Claudio and Emanuele is starting from a rustic no longer in use building and ending with the realization of a livable eco-friendly structure, made with innovative building materials that are, at the same time, closer to the ancient material; but after all is to foresee the customer appreciation, through their eyes and words.

In the year 2002 began the collaboration between Claudio and Emanuele Cappa with the Marino’s brothers, in particular with the architect Renzo and the engineer Luigi, that are the owners of a prestigious professional office in Cuneo.

The collaboration took the name of “Domus Mea Srl” (www.domusmeaonline.com): it deals with the building of new residential buildings and also with the renewal of ancient historical building and residences.

In spite of all, the heart of the Cappa’s Brother is thudding for the Langa territory, that is their place of birth and the place in which their enterprise has developed.

A lot of Italians and foreigners customers (such as Dutch, German and English people) have trusted to Claudio and Emanuele, with the confidence that they could bring back splendor to the ancient, but full of human history building, conserving their pure origins.

That is why, the Cappa brothers have built farmhouses in “pietra di Langa” (a typical stone of the Langa territory), wood floors, eco-friendly swimming-pools etc.

Finally, they have also made works in buildings property of public bodies and in buildings preserved by the “Superintendence of fine arts”.

Last works

Last works

Pictures of a recovery of a historical farmstead[...]

Farmstead restoration at Mombarcaro


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Pictures of recovery intervention[...]

Internal restoration in Ceva


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Building located in Langa countryside[...]

New building’s farmstead at Barbaresco


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The Tower

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